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About Localista Magazine

Localista Magazine™ is a national network of hyper-local community-focused magazines featuring relevant editorial content, the 'Best of' popularity contests and providing a platform for local experts to get greater exposure within their community.

The History of Localista

Localista Magazine was founded to help local businesses and experts get their message out to their communities in an authentic and organic way. The Redondo Beach Localista Magazine was founded in late 2012 in Redondo Beach, CA by best-selling business and marketing author, serial entrepreneur and avid Localista, Erik N Bowman. It has now grown to a network of nearly 50 local editions and has most recently added Localista Radio to its platform.

The Growth of Localista

Two key business promotion initiatives were started in late 2013 and includes hyperlocal "The Best of" popularity contest and the Local Expert program. To serve the greatest possible number of communities, Localista Magazine began offering licensed business opportunities in early 2014.

The Future of Localista

Localista will continue to grow organically. Localista projects greater local reader & business involvement through an upcoming Online Local Community feature and continued expansion on the East Coast.

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