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Talk With The Animals @ Tilden Nature Area
Sep 3 – Oct 28 all-day
Black Box Improv Fusion @ Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Berkeley Improv and Synergy Theater are fusing together to bring you the hottest new thing in improv comedy! Black Box Improv Fusion bursts into Berkeley with its own unique blend of searing short-form and explosive long-form. You’ll see all of your favorite short-form improv comedy structures, similar to those on the television show Whose Line is it, Anyway?, plus a few brand-new ones that you’ve never seen before! Plus, you just never know when we might break into a piece of long-form improvised theater that will blow your mind. So, check your expectations at the door and get ready for Black Box Improv Fusion.

Rockin’ Music Time with Grampa Clyde – Kids Gym Berkeley @ Kids Gym Berkeley
Sep 25 all-day

Rockin’ Music Time with Grampa Clyde as he sings with his guitar.About Grampa Clyde – Clyde Leland (Grampa Clyde) started singing songs with kids about 40 years ago when his own children were in pre-school. In 2015, while singing with his granddaughter’s class, he realized that singing with kids is more fun than teaching law students. So he left his job teaching Legal Ethics in law school to give more time to Sing Along with Grampa Clyde. In addition to practicing and teaching law and working as a legal affairs journalist, he has been a summer-camp song leader and a singer-songwriter performing throughout the Bay Area. A native San Franciscan, he lives in Berkeley.Open gym all day, music time with Grampa Clyde & 10am art included.Date/Time Date(s) – 09/25/1711:30 am – 12:00 pmCost $15 per child; $12 Sibling or Memberships

Zumba Fitness for Parents + Childcare @ Kids Gym Berkeley
Sep 25 all-day

Date/Time Date(s) – 09/25/1710:00 am – 11:00 amCost $20 w/ childcare or $15 w/out childcare

Private Tai Chi Classes By Xin Huang @ Revolution Books
Sep 25 @ 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Hana Holistic is proud to add Mr. Xin Huang as a new Tai Chi teacher to its staff. Xin has been teaching the beautiful Chen style of Tai Chi since 1998 and has influenced many students over his years of practice. The Chen family-style is the oldest form of Tai Chi styles. It is characterized by alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power in what is called silk reeling. The name derives from the twisting and spiraling movements of the silkworm larva as it wraps itself in its cocoon, and to the metaphorical principle of “reeling the silk from a silk worm’s cocoon”. Xin enjoys practicing daily Tai Chi and sharing his style with his students. He believes in its health benefits.  He will be teaching a standard routine of simple steps to practice anywhere and anytime. “As a sport and an art,Tai Chi makes life flow easily“ he said. In addition to being a Tai Chi teacher, Xin plays table tennis and enjoys coaching it. In 2010, his student Kevin li, at age 9, won the 9-and-under championship at the U.S. Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Xin will be teaching in the sun and moon studio at HHMC every Monday evening for bigginers and every Friday at noon for advanced practitioners. His class will be limited to 4 students for best teaching performance. Discounted student and 10 class packages are available. Class by registration at www.hanaholistic.com/wellnessprograms No experience is necessary and first time Tai Chi students are joyfully welcome.

South Berkeley Farmers’ Market @ South Berkeley
Sep 26 all-day

The Ecology Center Farmers Markets are festive, family-friendly, open-air marketplaces where California farmers bring fresh, locally-grown produce and farm-processed foods to sell directly to consumers. Our markets feature fruits, vegetables, nuts, baked goods, jams and preserves, juices, olive oils, tofu, meat, cheese, prepared foods, nursery plants, and flowers. Often, musicians entertain the shoppers, and special events are scheduled throughout the year.Date/Time Date(s) – 10/25/162:00 pm – 6:30 pmCost Free

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® with Dr. Ifátólú Gardner @ Revolution Books
Sep 28 @ 12:00 pm – 12:00 pm

The Feldenkraisâmethod is a potent practice that expands and refines your kinesthetic awareness in and through specific, gentle movement patterns known as Awareness Through Movementâ lessons. The Feldenkraisâ method engages and enlivens your capacities of neuro-plasticity and neuro-muscular re-patterning. You learn to move more skeletally, cultivating a somatic “softening” that improves the flow of Qi, bringing forth greater vitality, resilience and well-being (and strengthening the health benefits of acupuncture, Tai Chi, &/or Qi Gong). The Feldenkraisâ method will also enable you to achieve –and enjoy! – greater ease of movement, enhanced flexibility and strength, and as a result, dramatically improve the quality of any physical activity Advance Registration Required Online: hanaholistic.com/wellnessprograms Questions? Contact Hana Holistic 510.527.1678 | [email protected] To email A Ifátólú directly: [email protected]  Drop In $18, Members (Membership Pass)  About Dr. Ifátólu  A. IFÁTÓLÚ GARDNER is a healer, scholar, educator, and indigenous spiritual elder. As a primary care physician (1980-2004), a professor of medical anthropology (2000-2007), and an instructor of somatic practices (since the mid 1980s) – including Dunham technique, Medical Qi Gong, Dayan Qi Gong, and the Feldenkraisâ method – Ifátólú has devoted her life to healing as/and social justice. For more than two decades, as an Iyánífá, Ifátólú provides spiritual counseling and gives public workshops and academic presentations on Yorùbá and Diasporic spiritual traditions and practices. Discovering the Feldenkraisâ method after a rupture in her health in 2007, Ifátólú enjoyed the lyricism and beauty of the movements, the deep relief and ease the practice engendered, and the renewed sense of her body as a source of joy (rather than a site of pain and limitation). She was hooked. In 2009 Ifátólú enrolled in the FRTI Professional Feldenkrais training program (Berkeley) and was authorized – and began – to teach Feldenkraisâ Awareness Through Movementâ classes in 2011.All of Ifátólú’s workis informed by – and an expression of – her deep appreciation and ongoing exploration of the creative, healing, and transformative powers of somatic practices and of ancient indigenous wisdom traditions.

Current Events @ Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
Sep 28 @ 1:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Current EventsThursdaysThis discussion group is aimed at keeping all involved on top of current “hot button” issues. Diverse points of view are encouraged and respected. Explore social, political, and economic issues in the news around the world. With instructor George Porter.  Co-sponsored by Berkeley Adult School.Cost: $35/semester

SDE秋招助力 | 云集职场权威 名校巡回研讨会UC Berkeley站 @ 1860 Leroy Ave
Sep 29 @ 1:00 pm – 1:00 pm

金秋九月,过了教师节,过了苹果2017发布会,即将迎来的又是每年应届毕业生未来求职之路最重要的秋招。刷了几百道题的你,是否还在焦头烂额?求帮忙修改简历、求论坛、求朋友圈、却找不到⼀份靠谱内推? 开始备战秋招之前,你是否清楚如何丰富自己的简历和linkedin?是否掌握了足够的面试技巧?除了留美这个选项之外,在美帝激烈的竞争环境下,你是否考虑和了解过现今留学生归国发展趋势和优势? 为了帮助同学们提早做好秋招准备,我们联合华人事业互助会,BOSS直聘,International Data Engineering and Science Association,京东等巨头公司为USC的同学们带来一场丰盛的SDE秋招研讨会(现场有招聘环节,请参加的同学带好简历)。 时间:2017年9月29日 星期五 1:00-3:00pm 地点:UC Berkeley Sutardja Dai Hall Room 250 讲座摘要: Data Scientist丨大数据和数据科学的发展现状是什么?人才需求概況及具体要求又有哪些? SDE丨SDE如何准备算法面试?如何刷题?如何进行职业规划? 中美职场丨留学生回国就业形势详解:如何高效便捷抓住国内优质求职机会? 现场简历投递丨数据应用学院、BOSS直聘、京东等公司岗位招聘。 嘉宾介绍: Danie Li | BOSS直聘美国分公司总经理 Danie在人力资源行业已有超过十年的丰富经验。2007年起,Danie在智联招聘(NYSE: ZPIN.N)担任市场主管一职。2008年,她晋升为CEO办公室助理,掌管销售业务,参与公司的战略决策和运营。2011年,在密苏里大学进修,取得MBA学位。2014年,和智联招聘前任CEO赵鹏联合创立BOSS直聘--全球首创“在线直聊模式”的移动招聘平台。至今,BOSS直聘拥有2317万注册牛人,452万注册BOSS,每月帮助近百万人找到工作。 Jason Geng | 数据应用学院创始人 Data Scientist 课程、Hadoop、Spark高级讲师;南加州大学Marshall 商学院的客座讲师,教授数据科学和NoSQL数据库;数据科学协会(Data Science Association)发起人,组织了2016年SoCal Data Science Conference,2016 SVIEF 硅谷高创会担任“云计算和大计算”分论坛嘉宾。 创业前曾在Symantec工作八年任Senior Engineer,为大数据安全、数据科学领域专家。致力于帮助对数据科学感兴趣的同学发掘自己的兴趣和擅长之处,找到理想的工作。 招聘职位 Machine Learning Scientist @京东 Job description:  Research on data-driven descriptive and predictive machine learning models leveraging the large amount of data from JD.com to improve customer experience. Areas include, but are not limited to: deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistical learning, kernel method, feature selection, etc.  Design and implement machine learning models for commercial applications.  推荐算法工程师  @BOSS直聘 Job Type: Fulltime Working Location: Beijing Responsibilities: 1.负责BOSS直聘招聘推荐系统算法的研发、创新和优化2.参与用户建模和数据挖掘,开发个性化推荐算法   Requirements: 1.扎实的推荐算法/机器学习/数据挖掘/NLP理论和技术基础,有相关经验项目经验或实验室经验优先。2.熟练掌握协同过滤、矩阵分解、FM等推荐算法3.扎实的机器学习基础,有相关研究或工程经验4.扎实的Linux系统编程基础,熟悉C++/Java/Python编程语言,有海量数据处理经验优先5.熟悉Hadoop、Spark6.优秀的逻辑思维和独立思考能力7.优秀的学习能力,分析和解决问题的能力8.对技术和工作充满热情9.具备良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神 Technical Researcher  @数据应用学院 Job Type: Internship;Working Location: Los Angeles Responsibilities: Maintain software projects, develop new features. Improve project performance  Content editing and organizing  Graphical design Collaborate with team members, be fast and responsible for the work   Skills:  One programming language from (C++, Java, Python)  Optional: HTML/CSS, PHP, Linux, javascript Preferred skills: Apache, nginX, SQL Highly qualified: Excellent skills in Abobe software kits, knowledge in database, distributed system (Hadoop), excellent in self-learning.

Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation with Katerina Kan (Kate) @ Revolution Books
Sep 29 @ 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Shift your stress into peace and confidence Feel aches and pains in the body move into relaxation and recovery Create new affirmations to transform negative thinking patterns Melt away fear and embrace a positive vibration EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, a modality involving tapping fingers onto acupressure points on the head, arms and hands. EFT works with physical and behavioral blocks. Negative feelings disturb the body’s energetic system. Tension can leave an imprint on the body that affects us daily – until we free up this energy. In this class, you’ll be guided through EFT tapping and mindfulness meditation techniques that recirculate energy in your system. You’ll discover new affirmations that work best for your mindset. We will address specific triggers and experiences you are having that may be creating stress, tension, or melancholy. By shifting into peace and positivity, your body and mind will begin to transform. Move forward in life, performing with ease and flow.       Katerina Kan is a certified EFT practitioner. Her company, Mindful Test Taking, uses EFT, meditation, affirmations, NLP and movement practices with students who undergo stress in the academic environment. Students experience higher scores on tests and in classes after working with MTT due to their ability to relax, retain information, speak positively to themselves and feel confident in daily life. (www.MindfulTestTaking.com)   Kate has been a scholar of meditation and metaphysical modalities since 2009. Her practices include various yoga styles, Vipassana meditation, Theta Healing, EFT Tapping, and Qi Gong. She apprenticed in Reiki energy healing for 4 years with Reiki Master Chriss Diaz. Kate is also a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, combining her background in Interior Design & Architecture with the ancient practices of Feng Shui spacial dynamics.