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What is Localista Magazine?

  • Localista Magazine is a hyper-local Advertising and Marketing platform.
  • Hyper-local means that each local edition is highly targeted at people right in your area.

Reader Demographics

  • Redondo Beach Localista Magazine will be mailed to 3000 locals between 35 – 50 years old that earn over $75K
  • This represents over $225,000,000 in audience income.



  • Localista Magazine is published 6 times a year and is mailed directly to our targeted demographic in Redondo Beach.
  • Each issue has a guarantee of 3000 copies printed and distributed to local consumers.
    FACT: 92% of Americans read at least 1 print magazine per month.


Social Media

Localista Deals

  • Existing and new customers search online or find your deal from your print ad and collect a free, unique single use coupon that you redeem on their next visit and they can share it socially.
  • Localista Deals extends your marketing dollars beyond the printed page and enables you to provide a special offer, not only to readers of Localista Magazine, but to anyone looking for deals in your city at major search engines.
    *This is a FREE service for advertisers of 1/4 page ads or larger.Learn more at http://www.LocalistaDeals.com

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