"Aperture" by Ian McMahon

January 15, 2020 all-day
MadArt Studio
325 Westlake Ave N
WA 98109

MadArt presents Aperture, a sculptural installation by New York-based artist Ian McMahon. Upon entering the space, visitors encounter an assemblage of 15-foot-tall, billowing, pillow-like structures that directly respond to the studio’s architecture by paralleling the mezzanine and expanding from its center aisle. The work is comprised of over 5,000 pounds of cast plaster and corralled by large wooden beams. Unlike any of McMahon’s previous works, Aperture incorporates an interior viewing corridor that provides visitors a unique look into the complex engineering involved in the fabrication process. In giving viewers a perspective that visually contradicts the work’s malleable exterior, McMahon aims to disintegrate material assumptions and disrupt the familiarity of spatial memory.